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Todd Clever Foundation uplifts and unites the rugby community by providing opportunities for athletes, coaches, and teams while instilling the sport’s most exceptional values.








The inception of the Todd Clever Foundation came during the COVID-19 pandemic that impacted Rugby communities across the globe. As the world stood still, I worked tirelessly on a huge passion project, something I only dreamt of doing in the past. Believing I could make a difference for the sport that gave so much to me, I used the time and energy to start my own Foundation. I am extremely excited to be able to give back to Rugby community in such a positive and meaningful way. I am pleased to announce the Todd Clever Foundation has our official 501(c)(3) status, and we are eager to help Rugby recover stronger than ever as we move out of the pandemic.


Who We Are and What We Do

There are two major parts of the TODD CLEVER FOUNDATION 

1- helping communities (Global Impact Focus) 

A. The Foundation Provides balls, jerseys, Rugby equipment and professional coaching. We are here to support existing clinics/camps/teams with an emphasis on inner city programs.

B. Rural area community outreach is an important part of our Impact Focus Rugby awareness. We set up new clinics in rural areas by identifying regions that do not have existing programs or are starting programs.

C. Scholarships for athletes with unmet financial needs. These scholarships/grants are for youth, who would like to increase their skills, but cannot  not afford to travel because of family budget restrictions. 

2- High performance scholarships (American Rugby Athletes) 

A. Destinations stops for the 2021 and 2022 scholarship cycle are New Zealand, South Africa, Japan and England. These are all places I have lived and played professional rugby.  I have made great friends with coaches/teams and academies,  where through our community partnerships our athletes awarded scholarships will receive top notch coaching and a cultural experience that will be life changing. 


B.  Scholarships for High-Performance adult athletes with unmet financial needs. Rugby players with families or who are struggling to get through college are impacted by this scholarship. It is designed to  help them travel without jeopardizing family budgets, their education or their jobs while increasing skills.

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Nonprofit/Coaching/Speaking/Brand Ambassador

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"Sport has the power to Change the World" -Nelson Mandela

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represent quality brands that align well with what I believe in health/wellness/community/earth











Former professional rugby player who’s played All over the world. Representing Team USA ‘The Eagles’  a record 100 times (76 XV's caps and 24 7's tournaments). Since retiring from playing he has changed focus from on field to off field rugby business. 

Working with a few great companies as ‘Brand Ambassador’. Living a very balanced lifestyle with tons of outdoor activities, Family time and keeping busy in his business ventures.

TC FOUNDATION, is where he is able to give back to the sport, athletes and communities around the world, teaching and instilling the CORE Values of Rugby...



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